Mitigate security risks in your software products

The most developer friendly security product that you can use to protect your software and customers.


Integrity Checks

With SECY you can perform any integrity checks at any time on any file or service


Source Code Protection

Protect your HTML/CSS/Javascript source code client side or other commercially viable files


End-To-End Encryption

Enpower your app and switch it to an end-to-end encryption solution

Our security expertise for everyone

The security behind UWORK.X follows best practices and is tested by external security experts. Now this security framework becomes available to the public.

Why SECY ?

Security is our expertise and that allows you to focus on your development. We make sure that no one destroys your great product and that everything stays the way you intended it to be.

Thanks to SECY you can work with technologies and solutions you could not trust before

  • Is custom tailored to your needs at all stages of a great process to create the best sofwares in the world.
  • Independent digital security solution that mitigates risks
  • Let’s you focus on your core principals and what makes you great.

Integrity Checks

The SECY Monitor Service allows you to keep an eye on any of your products files/services/permissions and many more. As soon as anything changes it will alert you that someone is trying to tamper with your product.

Thanks to this technology we can protect your customers from many client side attacks, such as DLL Injection, Source Code Tampering and many more.

  • Easy maintainable via SECY Configurator
  • Can be used with any product on both client and server side
  • Real Time alerts and configurable actions to protect your customer
  • With our expert help we help you to be in full control of your products

Source Code Protection

SECY allows you to protect your source code on client side as well as on server side. Any files you want to protect can be secured from prying eyes.

Thanks to the SECY ECE Configurator you can protect sensitive data fully encrypted at rest. Even when a machine is switched off or lost your data is secure.

  • Encrypted containers to pack any data and deliver it along side your product
  • Access encrypted data via webserver or TCP socket
  • We can work with you together to implement your custom protocol

End-To-End Encryption

With SECY you can implement end-to-end encryption into your existing product. Thanks to this you can give your customer the best data protection that they deserve.

Do not worry about crazy algorithms and hard work of figuring out how everything should be according to spooky experts. With SECY your application can use a local API to access best practice cryptography implementations the way it should be done.

  • Entire Public Key Infrastructure possible
  • Signature and HMACs creation and validation as you need it
  • Encrypt and Decrypt any data on the spot
  • Our experts can help you migrate from an unencrypted process to a fully end-to-end encrypted process

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